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Can the constantly quiet, calm, undisturbed living environment desired by the college student lead to anti-social and aristocratic behavior, causing poor and harmful human interactions? Is there a justification for the existence of the alcohol-laden, pleasure-seeking, aimless sociality of college culture among most students aside from providing stress-relief from the rigors of academia? My short screenplay The Party Guest is a response to these sorts of questions that have arisen after the experience of my first, away-from-home semester in college.

Aside from reflecting my concerns over anti-sociality and ambiguous justification for “krunk” college culture, the intention of my short screenplay was to prepare a narrative blueprint for an eventual micro-budgeted and quickly-produced short film. The foremost concern in proceeding with these intentions, was writing a story about events constituted of elements that will be immediately and easily accessible for the production. Through my gained knowledge of the Orange County area and the numerous relationships I’ve developed with fellow students at my college, concern over locations and on-screen participants is very low. By constructing the story and its characters around locations and people readily available, I have saved a great deal of time.


What I have just described, and which will serve as the starting point when production commences on The Party Guest, is the form for my future productions in the foreseeable future: local, resourceful and fast.

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