VoiceWatch Press Release
(Sample press release, 2017)
New mobile app released!
VoiceWatch Proposal
(Sample business proposal, 2017)
New mobile app costs and benefits.
The Hard Edge
(Sample newsletter, 2017)
The latest from Hard Edge Films.
Monsters Now Hiring
(Short story, 2016)
A young woman wants to find the right job.
Fresh Coat
(Short story, 2016)
A man wakes up to a disturbing situation.
Leo's Love Letter
(Excerpt from 5-page screenplay, 2014)
A young man's relationship is in serious trouble.
The Cult of Truth
(Synopsis of 104-page screenplay, 2014)
A struggling indie journalist is befriended by the leader of a mysterious organization and must step up to protect his city when he discovers that the organization is more nefarious than it appears to be.