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Blog Post #43: Introducing Allies and Enemies!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Introducing the rest of the principal cast of my first feature-length film, For My Sister - Natalie Ramirez, Mireya Kilmon and William Guevara! Natalie has extensive professional experience performing on-stage and has also acted in numerous on-screen roles over the years. Mireya also brings a wealth of on-stage and on-screen experience, including performing on Broadway. And William has been performing on-stage since 2015 and is currently a BFA student in FIU's theatre program.

In For My Sister, the trio play allies and enemies of Evie (Stephanie Maltez), a young woman desperate to save her sister Tris (Cristina De Fatima) from the vicious throes of mental illness. This principal cast represents some of Miami's finest acting talent and I am immensely proud to involve their amazing artistry in my first feature film!

Stay tuned for more casting announcements and other updates as production continues on For My Sister!

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