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GABRIEL RHENALS was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1986 and later moved with his family to Miami, Florida, where he has lived for most of his life. From a very young age, he demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for the visual arts.

Throughout his K-12 education, Gabriel was enrolled in various visual art programs. In high school, he attended New World School of the Arts in downtown Miami. After high school, Gabriel attended the limited-access Film (BFA) program at University of Central Florida in Orlando and later received his bachelor's degree in Communication Arts from Florida International University in Miami, graduating cum laude.

In Gabriel's early adolescence, he developed a fervent interest in filmmaking. Equipped with little more than his father's digital 8mm video camera, Gabriel began filmmaking in 2002. Since then, he has written, produced, directed, shot and edited 16 short films (available on YouTube and Vimeo) and three feature films. He has also written six feature-length screenplays. His short films have been exhibited at numerous film festivals, both domestic and international, and nationally distributed on the National Endowment for the Arts-funded PBS television show film-maker. In 2022, Gabriel published a book about his creative and personal experiences, titled 20 Years a Filmmaker.

Gabriel's 3rd film Death Cleaning COMING SOON!


Gabriel's 2nd film State v. Unknown NOW PLAYING on YouTube and Tubi!

Gabriel's 1st film For My Sister NOW PLAYING on Amazon, YouTubeTubi and Roku!

Gabriel's 1st book 20 Years a Filmmaker NOW AVAILABLE from Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

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