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How this works/

Each of Gabriel Rhenals' riddles are found in this spot. All original and the result of much thought.

Answer: (Highlight here!)


Any-time access to the greatest minds and to ideas of all kinds. Uninterested in gratifying grinds? Avoiding their bounty surely blinds.

Answer: Books


Infinite but never enough. Punishes a sitting duff.
Having fun? Gone in a puff. Penalty for murder? No need to huff.

Answer: Time


Converts misery. Preserves ecstasy. Promotes civility. Reverses entropy.
Honors ancestry.
Reveals vacancy.

Answer: Art


Most versatile of tools. Governed by rules. Accessible to fools. A weightless weapon for vicious duels.

Answer: Language


Shared, hoarded, flaunted, squandered...
or harnessed.

Answer: Wealth


Summoned in a rush or at one's leisure. An alluring form of visceral pleasure. Easy to achieve, easy to measure. But if abused, you may part with some treasure.

Answer: Speed


Entertains without a bill. Available to any by mere power of will. Keeps one active while sitting still. In union with art? An enticing thrill!

Answer: Imagination


Swarming and multiplying with illusions vast, an out-of-balance strain whose host is dying fast.

Answer: Humanity


Endowed but rarely attained. Impressive but with practice. Shared but never given. Abundant but mostly squandered.

Answer: Talent


In corners and margins, we reside. Our make-do form we do not hide. But by a skillful hand, we’re shown with pride!

Answer: Doodles


Rely on me for any of your thoughts. Need a greater supply? There’s usually lots. Half the cure if bored in spots.

Answer: Paper


Compared to pleasure, subtle and low. But more powerful than, don’t ya know? Conjured at will, a perpetual flow.

Answer: Joy


Weak as a twig or strong as steel. Not seen or measured but very real. Mastered enough, superhuman you’ll feel.

Answer: Will


From danger felt inside or out. A myriad of imaginings can make it sprout. Its fiercest grip from gravest doubt.

Answer: Fear


We only follow two commands. When in single file, you see everything. When shoulder to shoulder, you see nothing.

Answer: Blinds


Thin or fat, short or tall. Even with space, I hug the wall. Want a generous friend? I lend to all.

Answer: Bookshelf


Dropped, left alone and unimpressive in sight. But executes a compensatory plan with dogged and vertical might.

Answer: Seed


Greatly desired but bears secret curse. Disposes to vanity, vapidity or worse. Cages a populace in romantic verse.

Answer: Beauty


One of a pair an author declares. Adds imagined steps to a flight of stairs. If you can climb higher, who even cares?

Answer: Fiction


If I were achieved, you'd hear an angel's sweet harp. But though elusive to all, the pursuit keeps one sharp.

Answer: Perfection


Puts most to sleep, sadly so. But skill and ingenuity clearly show. Targets ears but makes heart and mind glow.

Answer: Classical music


I come in many shapes and sizes. Settled down enough, who from me easily rises? After many years, in me find prizes.

Answer: Couch


Only after my show, dare I speak. When I'm in town, shelter you seek. My venue of choice? Part of my mystique.

Answer: Lightning


We're known to fetch balls, golden in sight. Live close to our home? Hear a symphony at night.

Answer: Frogs


We can flow like a river or nary see release. But let our ducts deliver and you'll soon be at peace.

Answer: Tears


From innards we're born. Our voices a horn. If silent and murderous, you'll have much to mourn.

Answer: Farts


Rises without legs. Moves without wearying. Caresses without hands. Glares without eyes. Punishes without reason.

Answer: Sun


Some follow them. Some dread them. Some forget them. Some realize them. None choose them.

Answer: Dreams


Reaches down and deep through rock and soil. Reaches back and past times of pain and toil.

Answer: Roots


Amid our papery folds, find too much talk. Most, to be sure, are utter schlock. But laying idly by, we wait to rock!

Answer: Scripts


Find in them a sensitive beast. Madly bake goods with endless yeast. Through brief lines serve their evocative feast.

Answer: Poet


I shimmer in most like some great spark. Lost, I bring the doom and stark. Alive, I reverse the dreary and dark.

Answer: Hope


Preferred from cars, least from rot. Sends you back to a time nearly forgot. With a simple pinch, feel my kiss not.

Answer: Scent


An -ism in a change of pace. My reach is far and wide but rarely to her face. Implied is my game, domain and place.

Answer: Misogyny


You can stroke me once, twice or thrice. But earn my ire and pay the price. Is that milk? I'll play nice.

Answer: Cat


Big or small, hidden or not. Sometimes joined by many a dot. Fun to show off. How many ya got?

Answer: Scar


Enemies conspire to turn me green. Act with vigilance to keep me clean. Hot and bored? My benefits seen.

Answer: Swimming pool


An intimate friend in every way. I'm tender and nestle after each long day. But my groove you lose when thrown away.

Answer: Pillow


A large collection always intact. I've hundreds of parts, it's just a fact! Try living without me. An impossible act.

Answer: Skeleton


What the hell did Noah smoke? Without a doubt, nature's funniest joke. Predators beware or face a serious poke.

Answer: Porcupine


Emptied out but always refilled. Cast illusions whose trick is for hours willed. Run by those unreliably skilled.

Answer: Movie theater


As certain as the turning of the earth. I'll be seeing you, no matter your worth. When I do show up, I end all mirth.

Answer: Death


Simple or complex, quiet or loud. No hands but can touch you alone or in a crowd. If you read me, you should be proud.

Answer: Music


I'm mouthless but always chew - massive amounts of flesh, bone and sinew. I dine for years at a time and continue to.

Answer: War


Its voice of shrill screams pierces dreams. Has three lives, sometimes more. Will return, same as before.

Answer: Alarm clock


What grabs much, distant and close? Comes with us all and upstairs it goes? But when unpleasant, avoid its throes.

Answer: Memory


Clocks, stars, ripples and coins. What's in your mind, perfect and round? But when drawn, you're failure-bound?

Answer: Circle


What's represented on trees, can be as annoying as fleas, oft hails from overseas and strives to leave legacies?

Answer: Family


What's close together in hominid, a third of time behind a lid and not to be trusted as there's much from them hid?

Answer: Eyes


What flows without limit, rewards to no end, requires one implement and can make mountains of women and men?

Answer: Writing

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