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Blog Post #13: Retrospective - Occupy Miami! (2011)

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

To commemorate my start as a filmmaker 15 years ago, I am sharing a retrospective series of write-ups dedicated to my past short film work that includes brief commentary for each short film as well as a few "fun facts" about their creation.

12/16. Occupy Miami! (2011)

On December 6th, 2011, a group of Occupy Miami activists joined the fight for economic justice in downtown Miami as part of a National Day of Action to address the foreclosure crisis that has gripped the nation.

My fourth and latest political vignette.

Although the more public and visible elements of the Occupy Wall Street movement have disappeared, the movement's message lives on in the present-day concerns of many Americans and remains as relevant and urgent as ever.

Fun Facts:

• The music used in the short film is a duet from the opera, Lakmé, by French composer Léo Delibes. It was the first and only piece of music to come to mind for use in this piece.

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