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Blog Post #25: The 'film-maker' Project

Late last month, I received word that I was accepted into South Florida PBS's film-maker project! The new initiative "offers [South Florida's] aspiring storytellers a unique opportunity for mentorship and broadcast distribution." Consequently, my 16th and latest short film, The Promotion, will be aired on the program in early 2018 and is expected to reach an audience of over 6.3 million! Thrilling news, for sure!

And yesterday, I visited the WPBT2 studios to take part in a quick profile shoot for the program where I was given the opportunity, in a rapid-response format, to talk about The Promotion, my interest in film and other film-related topics. I'm curious to see how it all looks when it's edited together and posted publicly early next year.

So, exciting times afoot! And I'd like to congratulate my friends, Tony Mendez, Robert Colom, Christopher Anthony Irarrazabal, Denise De La Vega, Jayme Gershen, Vasisth Sukul and Dr. Devin Marsh, all of whom were also accepted to the film-maker project!

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