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Blog Post #30: First Draft of 'Omni' Complete!

At approximately 1:15am this morning, the first draft of my first feature-length film's script was born! Her name is Omni and she weighs in at 86 5/8 pages and 207 scenes!

Here's her logline:

When Luna, a lowly waitress, experiences an unusual disturbance in her diner, she embarks on an epic quest, with the aid of a surprisingly powerful Swiss Army knife and a single-minded athlete, to save a vast and mysterious multiverse from total annihilation!

Now, pre-production commences and I solemnly vow to make every effort to see Omni a fully actualized feature film that, with proper nurture, will hopefully surpass even my greatest expectations! Films worth their salt aren't just born; they're made! 🎥🎞️

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