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Blog Post #34: First Draft of 'For My Sister' Complete!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

A first draft of the script for my debut feature-length film, For My Sister, is finally complete!

If this sounds like redundant news, it's because I announced completion of another feature script back in January but decided not to move forward with production on it for a variety of reasons, technical limitations chief among them.

Here's the premise of For My Sister:

We follow a young woman named Evie as she struggles to help her sister Tris with an ever-worsening case of depression - a condition that has already marked their family with tragic death.

Out of time and patience but with renewed excitement and determination, I greatly look forward to realizing this feature and sharing the ensuing bevy of updates as progress continues on it! With all that said, Happy National Sister's Day (appropriately enough)!

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