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Blog Post #35: End of an Era

Updated: May 29, 2022

I am retiring from Hard Edge Films. Here's the explanation:

Hard Edge Films came into existence in mid-2013 when I decided I needed a production company name (if you can call what's basically a one-man crew a production company) to help represent my filmmaking and wonderful collaborations, past and present. The name was inspired by a painting style characterized by flat areas of color with abrupt transitions, not too unlike the formal qualities of my film work. I also appreciated the allusion to a general sense of severity and extremity in the name.

Though I've used the moniker since 2013, it was always intended as a banner for my short film work (and occasional longer-form screenwriting) to be dropped and discontinued once it was time to move into actual feature-length filmmaking territory, which is where I am now. Or will be - soon enough with my debut feature, For My Sister.

Hard Edge Films served its limited purpose and I'll certainly miss the dramatic impression it engendered on quite a few occasions but it'll always remain associated with the product of 15 years of (short) filmmaking I hold most dear.

So, there's the why of it all.

For a look back at those 15 years of (short) filmmaking, you can visit a series of retrospective posts I made about each of my short films on this blog. You can find that here:

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