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Blog Post #38: Experiment!

I present the following not out of conceit but out of a desire to share a bit about my creative process and perhaps encourage experimentation in any practiced art and/or craft. 👨‍🎨

The list of statements below reflects the experimental approach, big or small, I deliberately took with each short film I've made, numbering 16 in total. I don't consider myself an experimental filmmaker because all but one of these films clearly fall under the category of narrative or documentary. However, the list underscores a consistent excitement about trying something different, in form or content, right out of the gate each time.

Here's the list:

  1. What's it like to make my first movie?!

  2. Let's try wall-to-wall narration and political subject matter!

  3. Let's try no words at all and ordinary subject matter in one minute!

  4. A documentary vignette with a constantly tracking camera!

  5. A story in terms of movements, like music!

  6. A traditional cinéma vérité-style documentary!

  7. An anti-commercial designed around banal routine.

  8. A darkly satirical thesis film built over the remains of a failed attempt at one!

  9. Documenting an anti-war march at the seat of US power!

  10. No dialogue or even identifiable characters!

  11. A movie with non-actor parents as leads!

  12. A fact-driven documentary!

  13. A semiautobiographical story driven by speedy narration!

  14. A silent film with virtually no moving camera and animal talent!

  15. Let's just build up to a spectacular payload at the end!

  16. How about a production with an on-set sound mixer for once?!

With all that said, keep having fun making things and occasionally tilling the soil! 🌱

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