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Blog Post #42: Introducing Evie and Tris!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Introducing the two main cast members of my first feature-length film, For My Sister - Stephanie Maltez and Cristina De Fatima! Stephanie has performed in a variety of on-screen roles over the years and Cristina is currently a BFA student in FIU's theatre program. If they look familiar, both featured in my final short film, The Promotion, which saw national distribution on PBS earlier this year.

In For My Sister, Stephanie Maltez plays Evie, who works in advertising and is determined to save her sister Tris from the maw of mental illness, and Cristina De Fatima plays Tris, an aspiring journalist stricken by a calamitous case of depression. For My Sister tells a story of love, deception, courage and untold sacrifice and I know of no better talent in Miami to help bring it to life than these two wonderfully talented and dedicated actresses! Stay tuned for more casting announcements and other updates as production continues on my debut feature film!

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