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Blog Post #126: Two Ancient Relics!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Below are two of the earliest videos I ever produced. They were both shot and edited before I completed my first short film, 2003's Mass Education.

What Adobe Premiere looked like when I first started using it (version 6.0 in 2002).

First up is the first video I shot and edited completely on my own! Produced on what was then my newly Firewire card-equipped PC with a clandestinely acquired copy of Adobe Premiere 6.0. From 2002, the year I handed myself over to filmmaking, and featuring my older brother, Juan - here's my relatively brisk (and non-canonical) Backyard Verdi:

During my junior year at Miami Killian Senior High in 2003, I shot and edited a video of a school volleyball game as part of a TV Production assignment. It was later broadcast schoolwide. Here is an abridged version of The Volleyball Match (also non-canonical):

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