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Blog Post #132: '20 Years a Filmmaker' Now Available from Amazon!

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Gabriel Rhenals' 1st book 20 Years a Filmmaker is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase here on Amazon in digital and paperback form (FREE with Kindle Unlimited)! Order your copy today and thank you for your interest and support!

UPDATE: 20 Years a Filmmaker is also NOW AVAILABLE from Barnes & Noble's online store!

From 2002 to 2022, award-winning filmmaker Gabriel Rhenals produced 16 short films and two feature-length films with virtually no crew or budget. In 20 Years a Filmmaker, he reveals the story behind these productions and much more in a diverse compendium of creative and personal experiences spanning two decades of cinematic fervor!
Join Gabriel as he recounts his earliest artistic impulses, his struggle as an art school dropout, his demanding moviemaking process, his harrowing encounters with mental illness in college and his triumph over such adversity as a passionately devoted filmmaker - one whose journey is far from over...
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