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Blog Post #162: Mireya Kilmon Is a Group Therapist!

Mireya is a facilitative group therapist in my 3rd film Death Cleaning!

Mireya began her performing arts career in musical theatre and has since performed in over 30 theatre productions, choreographing and directing a number of them. She transitioned to screen acting in 2007 as a bilingual actress and now has over 50 film and series' credits on IMDb. Mireya has also been nominated for several best actress awards, winning on several occasions. Her work on Death Cleaning marks our third collaboration after our team-up on my 1st film For My Sister (as Sheryl) and 2nd film State v. Unknown (as President's Secretary).

And that rounds out the principal casting announcements for Death Cleaning! Please support indie film, especially at this crucial inflection point in North American film history, by Like-ing our Facebook Page! We greatly appreciate the support!

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