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Blog Post #63: What Did You Shoot 'For My Sister' On?

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Guess what. I filmed For My Sister on my phone!

That's right! My first feature-length film was primarily filmed using my very own phone - Samsung's Galaxy S9+! But don't be fooled! Beyond affording me a wickedly convenient and low-cost way to film For My Sister, this incredibly capable device consistently produced crystal-clear images that popped, even in the most problematic lighting scenarios.

I'm extremely satisfied with the results and I hope I can set an example to help unstuck the technocratic mindset of many filmmakers that it's the tennis racket and not the practice that makes the tennis player. My most sincere hope.

For actual evidence of this madness, watch the two trailers for the film in the For My Sister trailer gallery!

2018-2019: Samsung Galaxy S9+ 2014-2016: Canon T5i 2007-2013: Canon HV20 2002-2007: Sony DCR-TRV720

(Photos by me)

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