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Blog Post #65: Meet Ben!

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Ben Morris is a composer and pianist who has a passion for contemporary classical music and jazz. His projects include chamber and large ensemble music, theater music, film scores, and electroacoustic and intermedia works. You can visit his website here!

His work on my first feature-length film, For My Sister, marks our fourth collaboration.

"I’ve been scoring Gabriel’s films for six and a half years since my time as a student at University of Miami, and every collaboration has been a totally different challenge. For My Sister is no exception — Gabriel always pushes narrative and visual boundaries, and the music has to match that. It’s exciting to provide a variety of musical moods for the film and bring emotional subtext to certain scenes." -Ben Morris

I can't wait to share Ben's extraordinary contribution to For My Sister! Some of it is already heard in the film's first trailer below:

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