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Blog Post #92: 'For My Sister' Now Playing on Vimeo!

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

What are you waiting for?! For My Sister is NOW PLAYING for FREE on Vimeo! Here's the link:


Please watch on a large display!

(The film begins with a special intro of my past work.)

Here's the latest trailer:

In award-winning filmmaker Gabriel Rhenals' first feature-length film, we follow a young woman named Evie as she struggles to help her sister Tris with an ever-worsening case of depression - a condition that has already marked their family with tragic death. 88 minutes.

For My Sister. Starring Stephanie Maltez, Cristina De Fatima, Natalie Ramirez, William Guevara and Mireya Kilmon. Music by Ben Morris and FogDog (Matthew Racher and Carlos Larrauri).

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