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Blog Post #20: There's an outline.

Writing or, more exactly, conceptualization, is consistently the most important and protracted stage of the filmmaking process for me. I dare not make any move on an actual script and certainly not initiate any production-related activity until the core idea behind a given project has fully crystalized in my mind and in a word-processing document. This has been the case for 15 years and it is as it must be. Thankfully, just a few days ago, after a dually agonizing and blissful months-long conceptualization process which produced a few initially stimulating but ultimately dead-end outlines, I can now safely and confidently report that I have arrived at the outline that will serve as a blueprint for any and all succeeding movement on what will be my first self-produced, feature-length film! Having arrived at this point, I can now confer with my closest creative collaborators over the idea and further refine it until it is time to strike up a full-fledged script in the not-too-distant future. So, feverish excitement abound as all of this means more welcome activity, challenges, updates and sweet, sweet progress!

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