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Blog Post #70: The Second Screening of 'For My Sister'!

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

This past Saturday's second screening of my first feature-length film, For My Sister, at Coral Gables Art Cinema was a great time had by all! The audience really enjoyed the film, particularly its humor. Following the screening, I moderated a brief Q&A with all attending cast. And after the event, there was no shortage of praise and encouraging remarks.

Some notable attendees at the screening included Director of Production for South Florida PBS, Melissa Harmon; Director of FIU Film Studies Program, Dr. Andrew Strycharski; President of NAMI Miami, Susan Racher; and a former schoolmate from my UCF days, Lauren Weissman.

Ms. Harmon was "amazed at the professionalism and look of [the] film" despite it being filmed on a phone and "loved the story arc." Dr. Strycharski also enjoyed the film and was surprised by the amount of humor (I hope in a good way, Andy!). And Mrs. Racher called the film "an award winner" and immediately began lobbying for its inclusion at Sundance. :P

If you'd like to see the film, there'll be more free and local screenings throughout the rest of the year!

(Photos by Jayson Casta)

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