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Blog Post #39: Editing 'Black Hawk Down'!

Updated: May 16, 2022

Here are two edits of Black Hawk Down (Ridley Scott's 2001 war film) footage from my Editing I course in film school at UCF. The assignment was to edit together an aerial insertion sequence from a buffet of footage using music of our choice. Two attempts allowed. Oh, what fun! 😀

I set my first go at it to the politically charged music of punk rock band, Anti-Flag. The splash screen at the end was my own personal flourish.

This second attempt is the more sincere and, in my opinion, far more accomplished effort; cut to rousing Basil Poledouris film music. This version prompted Professor Mark Gerstein (a former professional television editor) to remark, "You mined it!" I'll never forget that. :)

And again, the splash screen at the end was my own touch.

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