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Blog Post #100: My 100th Blog Post!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Greetings everyone,

Thanks for your interest in this special, commemorative blog post! We've come a long way, haven't we? Over the past five years that this blog has been active, I've greatly enjoyed maintaining it with interesting content related to my creative activities in addition to the occasional, miscellaneous ephemera. I hope you've enjoyed keeping up with it as much as I've enjoyed curating it.

Now, I'd like to address four topics related to said creative activities:


Last April, I announced completion of a first draft of Zenith, which would have been my follow-up to For My Sister. You can find that announcement in this blog post. I was extremely excited about the prospect of filming it in 2020; however, the script was completed just as this odious pandemic was taking hold here in the U.S., prompting me to shelve the project.

Despite the unfortunate and indefinite pause on the project, I still look forward to realizing it as soon as circumstances permit.

For My Sister on Amazon Prime Video

Perhaps the highlight of 2020 for me (not a hard mountain to climb) was seeing For My Sister find a home on Amazon Prime Video! The film was a labor of intense passion and care so it's been a deeply rewarding experience being able to share this elaborate effort with friends, family and everyone else. At the moment, it brandishes a near-perfect 5-star rating (from 59 ratings) on the streaming service in addition to a plethora of glowing, worded reviews! The cast and myself are forever grateful to everyone who's taken a chance on this proudly local and micro-budget endeavor. It truly means the world to us, so thank you!

Once again, For My Sister is available to rent or buy (FREE with Prime membership) here. Please leave a review on Amazon if you watch it!

The 5th Anniversary of

Back in 2016, I had completed The Promotion, my 16th short film and what I'd determined would be my final one. As a result, I knew I would need a more extensive online portfolio beyond YouTube and Vimeo to collect past and present content related to my work as I moved forward with more ambitious, feature film plans. So, I decided upon a website and I'm infinitely glad I did! Initially designing it and subsequently managing it as more content arose has been a joyous exercise in website authorship and development. It's then no surprise that I look upon this simple website's 5th anniversary with no small amount of pride and satisfaction.

Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to peruse my website's depths over the years!

My Current Project

Finally, a few words about what I'm working on presently:

Shortly after realizing I'd have to postpone my plans for Zenith, I began to seek out a new idea for an alternate follow-up feature film which would be feasible in these restrictive, pandemic circumstances. It was a tough several months as I worked on and subsequently tossed out idea after idea, perpetually dissatisfied. However, as luck would have it, I was able to land on an idea that has since yielded its reward in the form of a nearly completed first draft as of this writing. It's an idea I'm immensely excited about and I'll have more to say about it in the coming weeks!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading, everyone! To another 100 blog posts!

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