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Blog Post #169: Film Director vs. Filmmaker!

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

In the popular imagination, a film director is the principal creative figure on a film production; coordinating with the various on-set departments, explaining motivation to the talent, yelling direction through a megaphone and generally remaining ever-watchful to ensure a quality script-to-screen translation.

The role of a filmmaker, however, is a relatively more recent development. Owing to the easy access of digital filmmaking technology and computerized production tools, a single person with the right motivation can wildly supersede the influence of a traditional film director in bringing a particular cinematic vision to life. Here are the many responsibilities of a filmmaker from my experience:

• Conceive of film idea • Write script • Recruit talent • Organize production schedule • Perform budgeting • Determine financing • Prepare contracts • Test equipment • Scout locations • Discuss script with talent • Send call sheets • Share social media updates • Gather props and supplies • Monitor wardrobe • Operate camera and sound on-set • Direct and manage talent • Revise script • Log and edit footage • Create graphics and visual effects • Collaborate with composer • Record foley • Finalize cut of film • Edit trailers • Design promotional content • Promote on social media • Arrange exhibition • Find distribution • Lather, rinse and repeat

Come see the work of a filmmaker and a cast of amazing talent on Saturday, November 18th at 1pm at UM's Cosford Cinema!

Tickets available here (through Eventbrite only):

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