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Blog Post #93: 20 Years Later!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

In October 2001, when I was a brash and overweening 15-year-old art student, I prepared the following statement (presented below in abridged form) and read it in front of my video camera the night before I would perform some location scouting for a first short film production:

"Hello and welcome to what I call the prologue to my first day ever of filmmaking! I’m very happy that everything's been going really well on the filmmaking or, rather, digital filmmaking front for me. There’s a long road ahead and it's good to know that I’m prepared. I like good films and I plan to make good films.
"The other day I was gazing vastly into a screen and now I’m about to gaze vastly into my DV camera. I’m making a short film! I promise compelling storytelling and visuals that will leave you completely satisfied. I believe this introduction represents the beginning of something great."

It seemed appropriate to share this nearly 20 years later.

My first feature-length film, For My Sister, is still freely available on Vimeo and it'll be up for another 24 hours or so at the following link:

I hope you can take the time to see the best of what I know and feel. Thank you!

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